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Fire Station 26,000gal model 1804[1]
CorGal Tanks at Parking Garage[1]
CorGal 0906-WT-FR , 10,000 gallons - University Federal Credit Union[1]
Apartments Signage 905 Enclosure[1]
Pflugerville Library - Irrigation[1]
Whole Foods_Bee Cave_2 - Original[1]

Many Applications

Bulk Storage, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Potable Water Storage, Stormwater Management, & Waste Water



Fire Protection

CorGal Tanks can be engineered and designed to be fire protection water tanks that comply with local, state, and national fire codes and standards such as:


  • NFPA- 22 (Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection)

  • NFPA-1142 (Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting)

When municipal water sources are insufficient to meet fire flow requirements, an alternate water supply is often required by the fire marshal.  Fire protection tanks can be equipped to supply fire suppression equipment or to supplement tanker truck requirements with fire department connections.  When a fire event is underway and a truck is draining over 1,000 gallons per minute from the tank, the fire service must be assured that the tank will not implode or otherwise fail.  CorGal Tanks are backed by licensed engineers who have carefully calculated each tank's reqirements to ensure they will work in a crisis.

Fire Protection Tanks Upgrades

  • Higher gauge sidewall

  • Long-lasting anti-vortex fittings  (not painted metal)

  • Roof vents

  • Premium water level indicators

  • OSHA compliant ladders


Stormwater management is becoming a larger issue every year.  CorGal Tanks are a great solution to capture and store stormwater until it is ready to be reused or released into the surrounding area.

Typical Tank Applications

  • Stormwater Detention

  • Rainwater Retention

  • Erosion Control

  • Ground Water Control

  • Irrigation

Tank Towers

Our tanks can be constructed on a tower or other elevated location if gravity flow or high visibiltiy are desired. 



  • Wood, Steel, or a combination

  • Round, square, or octagonal platform

  • Straight or slant leg

Tower Options

All towers are site engineered to ensure safety and longevity.  These elevated tanks may be used as functional water storage tanks for various applications or as signage to help promote your business or serve as a landmark in a highly visible manner.

Quick and Safe Assembly

CorGal Tanks are installed by professionally trained and factory-certified tank assembly crews.  The tanks are built on site, more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of old-fashioned bolted steel or welded steel tanks.  The tanks arrive unassembled making it easy to to be built on difficult-to-access project sites and can be disassembled and relocated, if necessary.

CorGal   is a registered tradmemark of Water Storage Tanks, Inc.and is used with permission.  All product specific material are the property of Water Storage Tanks Inc. and used with permission.
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