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Fire Station 26,000gal model 1804[1]
CorGal Tanks at Parking Garage[1]
CorGal 0906-WT-FR , 10,000 gallons - University Federal Credit Union[1]
Apartments Signage 905 Enclosure[1]
Pflugerville Library - Irrigation[1]
Whole Foods_Bee Cave_2 - Original[1]

We are a proud dealer of CorGal Water Storage Tanks

CorGal Tanks are engineered for safety, strength, and durability

Engineered for each individual location and application type needed.  The tanks are made from high quality materials.  Each project is overseen from the initial plan through the build.  By working closely with our customers from the early design stage, we ensure that we provide you a finished product that will meet or exceed all applicable codes and regulations.

High Quality:

CorGal water storage tanks with roofs can be built from 6 feet to 120 feet in diameter; tanks without roofs can be up to 200 feet in diameter.  With heights ranging from 4 feet to 24 feet, it can hold anywhere from 700 gallons to more than 500,000 gallons of water.  We also have numerous roof options to choose from.

CorGal meets the following minimum standards:

  • G-115 hot dipped galvanization

  • 20-gauge steel sidewalls

  • 24-gauge steel roof panels

  • Designated bottom panels to better distribute weight 

  • Full tank geotextile preliner (not just the floors)

  • 24 mil PVC flexible membrane liner

  • Schedule 80 PVC flanges or hot-dipped galvanized steel flanges

Available Upgrades

  • Up to 8-guage steel sidewalls

  • High seismic zone anchors

  • Sidewall stiffners

  • Roof reinforcement rings or stiffeners

  • Potable grade liners (NSF-61)

  • Reinforced liners

  • Chemical resistant liners

  • Foundation penetrating flanges

  • Ladders, staircase, or safety rest platforms

Every tank includes a geotextile preliner and a flexible membrane liner, which prevent corrosion by keeping water away from the steel interior of the tank to prolong the product's lifespan.  Concrete foundations are necessary to stabilize the tank position and limit movement in the event of extreme weather or natural disaster.

Engineered to Last

Every CorGal Tank will be engineered to meet the International Building Codes (IBC) 2013 standards:

  • 115 mph Wind Load

  • Seismic Desighn Category 2B

  • Site-specfic Live Loading

Structural Design Calculation Package (SDCP)
  • Ensures the tank is built to the location's requirements

  • Developed and offically stamped by a professional engineer licensed in your state

  • Takes numerous calculations into account, such as wind and snow loads plus seismic activity

CorGal   is a registered trademark of Water Storage Tanks, Inc.and is used with permission.  All product specific material are the property of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. and used with permission.
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