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 Gemline Water Softeners

Gemline Water Softening Series

Benefits of Gemline Soft Water

Provides protection for plumbing throughout your entire home.


No scale or build-up on your coffee pot, dishes, or silverware


Eliminates hardwater spots and reduces soap scum and residue build-up on showers, tubs and sinks


Skin is left feeling smoother

Hair will be softer & more manageable


Reduces soap, shampoo, and batheroom cleaner usage by nearly 50%


Increases water heater efficiency by almost 30% and extend the water heater life by many years


Improves water flow and pressure by eliminating calcium buildup in pipes


Adds life to dishwasher, washing machine, & all water fixtures


Clothes and linens are cleaner, brighter, softeners, and last longer


Cuts down on laundry detergent,fabric softeners, and all cleaning supplies by 50%


Systems can use Sodium or Potassium


Made in the USA


WQA/NSF-44 Certified


Meets all plumbing codes


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Full flow control valves for high flow applications


State of the art electronic digital metered controls

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